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Pasadena Health Group’s Advice, The Importance of Hydration

You might think that the statement “water is the source of life” is an overstatement, but if you take a closer look at your body’s make-up and function, you’ll see just how true that is. As a human being, you are seventy percent water. If you lose even two percent of that, your body’s ability to function and perform begins to drop off.

What happens when you’re dehydrated? Your brain won’t work properly; you’ll have difficulty regulating your body temperature; your kidneys will cease to function, backing toxins and waste into your body; you will eat more, thinking that you feel hungry; your body will not utilize stored fat; your skin will get dry and begin to sag; and you’ll begin to lose muscle tone. If you find yourself thirsty, then you’re already behind schedule on keeping yourself hydrated, so carry water with you and drink it often!

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