LA Metro Board of Directors Vote to Drop 710 Tunnel – Pasadena Now

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LA Metro Board of Directors Vote to Drop 710 Tunnel

In a historic vote on Thursday morning, the Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors passed a motion that drops the Tunnel Alternative as a solution for the SR 710 North Study area. Instead, the motion recommends the Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management Alternative for the 710 North Study Area and allocates remaining measure R funds for new mobility improvement projects in the designated area.
“I welcome today’s vote as it moves us closer to implementing 21st century transportation solutions to relieve traffic congestion, connect communities, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Assemblymember Chris Holden (AD – 41). “The 710 North corridor cities will have the opportunity to implement solutions that work for their respective communities, but it is vital now more than ever to come together and implement a regional solution that benefits everyone.”

The motion, introduced by Los Angeles Metro Board Chair and Duarte Councilmember John Fasana, recognized the lack of funds needed to construct a single bore freeway tunnel. Currently, only $740 million dollars are available for the SR 710 North Study from Measure R and no money available from Measure M.

In February, Assembly Holden introduced Assembly Bill 287 that would prohibit construction of the 710 Tunnel and bring stakeholders from the affected communities together in order to craft a viable solution for the region. On May 11th, Assemblymember Holden sent a letter requesting Chairman Fasana and the LA Metro Board of Directors to:

  • Remove the tunnel from consideration as an alternative for SR 710.
  • Not finalize or certify the Environmental Impact Report.
  • Create a Transparent process for the affected communities to come together and develop consensus on real solutions for the region.
  • Immediately begin to allocate Measure R funds to project in the study area that help traffic congestion and benefit the community.”
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